News Press Release

Refund Ticket Procedure

12 March 2020

Dear IBL Fans,


Thank you for showing us your enthusiastic to IBL Pertamax 2020, due to the cancellation of 7th Series in Jakarta as a preventive action for COVID-19, we are refunding your ticket(s). Please read carefully the following refund procedure and follow accordingly:




Customers who purchased their tickets online via Debit Visa/Credit Card payment will receive their refund automatically (approximately between 30 to 70 working days).


Customers who purchased their tickets online via ATM Transfer payment will need to send an email to with the following format below (approximately between 14 to 30 working days).


Email Template


Subject: IBL Seri 7 Jakarta Musim 2020 – Invoice Code

(For Example: IBL Seri 7 Jakarta Musim 2020 – X3OXYCRL)


Booking Code/Invoice Code:

Attendee Name :

Phone Number :

Ticket Category and Amount of Tickets:


Refund to this following account:

Bank Name :

Branch :

Account Number :

Bank Account Holder :


Your refund will be processed after refund data confirmation has been received (not during Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays).


For further information, please contact Loket Support via emal at or by phone through +622180600822.

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